Schedule of Public Mass

Schedule of Public Mass

Public mass has been resumed. Please continue to cooperate fully to apply the Precautionary Measures for Preventing Coronavirus Infections.

  • Sunday Mass: 9:00am.
  • English Mass: currently not available
  • Daily Mass (Tuesday–Saturday): 7:00am. (at the chapel)

Precautionary Measures for Preventing Coronavirus Infections (Precautions Regarding Participation in Public Mass

Catholic Mine Church is taking the following measures to prevent the spread of infection based on the “THE PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES PREVENTING CORONA VIRUS INFECTIONS” guidelines provided by the Catholic Saitama Diocese. We hope for your full cooperation.

  1. If you are not feeling well (If you have fever and/or any cold symptoms), please stay and pray at home. (Please do not visit the church.)
  2. When entering the church, please disinfect your hands and fingers with the disinfectant liquid provided near the entrance.
  3. Wear a mask at all times. If you have forget to bring one, please use the mask provided near the entrance.
  4. When entering the church, please fill in the “Visitor Card” by writing your name, address, body temperature, etc., and put it in the collection box. Mine Church will keep this card for a certain period of time while also pay careful consideration of personal information protection.
  5. Songs (chants) are sung by the choir.
  6. Do not receive communion on your tongue. Please receive it in your hand.
  7. Maintain sufficient distance when queuing during communion.
  8. Please cooperate with maximum of 2 persons for every pew (long-bench). Although every pew has space enough for up to three people to sit on, please vacate the middle part of the pew.
  9. If you have underlying illness, are elderly, or are particularly worried about the spread of the infections, it is recommended that you stay and pray at home for the sake of your own health.